Permits & Forms

Utility Billing Auto Pay ACH Form

Utility Billing New Customer form  New Customer welcome letter click HERE

Water Shut Off Indemnity Waiver (Printable) Esign Option HERE

Indemnity Waiver All Activities

Indemnity Waiver (Compost)

Sidewalk Permit

Excavation Permit 

Boulevard Alteration/Paving Permit

Peddler Permit/ 4th of July Peddler Permit  *Permit Policy Updated 8/9/22*  Please contact Heather Chance at or 563-210-0045 if you are a vendor who would like to set up at the ball park. The permit received by the City is only valid to sell within city limits on public property, you will also need to obtain approval from the GM Ball Club to sell within the park's property. 

Fireworks Permit 

Urban Chicken Permit Application

Storm-water Sewer Connection Tap Permit

Sewer Connection Permit

Home Based Business Permit Application If your permit requires a meeting of the Board of Adjustment, or Planning and Zoning Commission, the fee is $150.00 effective 03.08.2021* 

House Moving Permit Application

Landlord Lien Exemption Form

Iowa Retail Cigarette/Tobacco/Nicotine/Vapor Permit Application

Floodplain Development Form

*Link to Iowa DNR Floodplain Development Permit Site  Andy Jensen can be contacted at 

Phone Tree Notification System Enrollment Form *CALL FIRE ENROLLMENT FORM* Click here

Records Request 

Building Permit    If your permit requires a meeting of the Board of Adjustment, or Planning and Zoning Commission, the fee is $150.00 effective 03.08.2021* 

Zoning Text or Map Amendment Application  Fee is $150.00

Notice of Appeal Form The fee to request an appeal hearing is $150.00

Land Disturbing Activity State of Iowa Permit Information 

Licensing your Pet: Please complete this form by clicking HERE. The fee is $5.00 for spayed or neutered pets or $15.00 for non-spayed or neutered pets. You may make the payment for your pet tags at and enter in PLC Code A00009 and use the word "pet" for your account #. You may also pay via cash/check/card or money order in person or leave a payment in the drop box marked with your name and pets name. The pet tag will be mailed to the address listed on the form.

*** If you have a complaint about a vicious animal please complete the complaint form. If it is an emergency situation dial 911. A Copy of the Animal section of the City Code is available directly HERE . It is unlawful for a dog or cat to be allowed to run at large within the City limits , and off of the owner's property.



Please click HERE to complete a  Golf Cart Registration form. The fee to register is $20.00. You may pay your fee online at using PLC Code A00009 and the acct# GOLF. You may also submit a payment via check/cash/money order or card at City Hall or leave a payment in the drop box in the front door along with the completed form.

Registration tags expire on 12/31 each year. 

You will need to provide a copy of proof of insurance for the  Golf Cart, and a copy of a valid driver's license. Both may be e-mailed to or put in the drop box at City Hall or, brought into City Hall. 

 A link to the Golf Cart City Code is HERE



A building permit is required for the development of property within City limits. Please complete this form listed above. You may e-mail the form to and pay for your permit fee of $15.00 online at using PLC Code A00009 and Acct# BUILD . You may also submit the form and payment in person at City Hall or through the drop box. We do accept cash/card/money order/ check. 

If your building permit requires a meeting of the Board of Adjustment, or Planning and Zoning Commission, the fee is $150.00 effective 03.08.2021* 




To obtain a Peddler's Permit for the 4th of July Celebration; the following form and information must be submitted to the City Clerk by May 15th. Please note it can take up to two weeks or more to process the permit with the required background checks. Submitting a permit by May15th does not guarantee the background checks will be back on time for the 4th of July- We encourage applicants to apply EARLY. 


  • Completed City Peddler Permit Form with background checks completed 
  • Copy of a Photo ID
  • Copy of Bond/Insurance for transient merchants 
  • $40.00 payment made payable to the City of Grand Mound *If paying at use plc code A00009 and acct# JULY4
  • ***Authorization from the Grand Mound Ball Club Contact: Brian Kinney to sell within the Ball Park* 
  • To Sell within the Ball Park you must have authorization from the Ball Club. 

SOLICITOR'S PERMIT CLICK HERE You can make your payment by check/cash/mo/card in person at City Hall or mail your payment to PO BOX 206 Grand Mound IA 52751. You may also pay online at PLC Code A00009 Acct# SOLICIT 


COMPLAINT FORM FORM CLICK HERE If you would like to submit a formal written complaint, please complete the form listed. The form must be signed and submitted to the City Clerk. You may send the form by e-mail to, drop it in the drop box at City Hall, submit it in person, or mail it to the City of Grand Mound PO BOX 206 Grand Mound IA 52751. 

Complaint Appeal form click HERE

Complaint Policy Resolution 23-26 implemented 7/10/23

Water Connection Permit Click HERE If you need to do work to your property's water line or curb box/valve please complete this permit and return to City Hall. Please call 563-212-3654, Nick Lange; with any questions pertaining to installation of the Curb Box/Valve.