Grand Mound’s youth are educated in the Central Community School District, a school system comprised of students from Grand Mound, Welton, Low Moor and DeWitt. The school district, which is affiliated with the Riverbend Area Education Agency, offers a balance of academics, fine arts and athletics.

Ekstrand Elementary, DeWitt (563) 659-0750
Central Intermediate School, DeWit (563) 659-4780
Central Middle School, DeWitt (563) 659-0735
Central High School, DeWitt (563) 659-0715
Administration Center (563) 659-0700
Transportation Supervisor (563) 659-0706



Grand Mound is a member of the Clinton County Library Association. Cards may be received at no charge at the Frances Banta Waggoner Library in DeWitt.

Central High School
Central Middle School
Central Intermediate School
Ekstrand Elementary School